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Ergos Energía

Banqueta Múltiple Olímpica

Banqueta Múltiple Olímpica

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Crafted from 100 x 50 mm and 50 x 50 mm structural iron, it features 18 mm wood padding, 30 mm indeformable foam, and durable synthetic upholstery. But that's not all! You can perform a wide range of exercises, targeting your upper chest, mid-section, and lower body. It includes Scott accessories for biceps and a leg flexor-extender to complement your lower body routine. The front adjustment system allows for optimal positioning during exercises, including abdominal workouts.

With a convenient handle and wheels, it offers easy portability. Choose the version that suits you best, whether it's the standard or Olympic loading axis. Available in Textured Aluminum and Graphite colors.

The SBM-ERGOS is undoubtedly the professional bench designed to bring the gym experience to your home.
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